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Digital value investment with passive income

Project Masternode is the perfect investment in a digital future with a high Return of Invest! Project Masternode was created to open the lucrative market around Masternode to everyone. No prior knowledge or expertise is required to benefit from the advantages of Project Masternode.

Abstract - Project Masternode

Building up a portfolio:
Project Masternode is based on the development of a balanced portfolio of masternodes. The management of the masternodes as well as the composition
of the portfolio is carried out by experts with intensive experience. The combination of value-stable masternodes with more risky, but highly profitable masternodes aims at a particularly high return on investment.

Masternode packages:

Each package purchased by the customer increases Project Masternode‘s capital stock by the appropriate amount. This capital is used to successively expand the portfolio of masternodes. Accordingly, each package purchased by the customer represents a fraction of the total portfolio.

Realization of profits:

The capital stock of Project Masternode is determined by the users. Accordingly, they are entitled to the majority of the profit generated. This is distributed proportionately in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) at 14-day intervals*. A total of 75% of the profit is paid out to the users. The remaining 25% is used to cover the costs of portfolio management.

*Payouts are only granted on full 14 day cycles

Administrative fees:

Project Masternode‘s portfolio must be continuously monitored by analysts and adapted to the market situation. In this process, individual masternodes are liquidated and the capital released is invested elsewhere. The associated personnel costs are borne proportionately by all package owners as part of the administration fee. The same applies to the costs incurred in the course of setting up and maintaining the servers.

Runtime of the packages:

The Project Masternode packages are bound to a minimum duration. After two years the packages can be cancelled and the capital behind them released for the user. Each package represents a certain percentage of the total portfolio. If the package is liquidated by the user, the share to which the user is entitled is deducted from the portfolio and the corresponding amount of masternodes is sold at their current market value. The payment initiated in this way is also made in Bitcoin (BTC).

This process is completely optional. The packages can be operated for a longer period of time without further costs for the user. The proportionate payments will continue to be made without separate deductions.

Background knowledge Masternodes

Together with the miners, masternodes form the basis of a blockchain-based network and are essential for its operation. This is also the reason why many networks award active masternodes an expense allowance, which is usually distributed in their own crypto currency. In short, the operation of a masternode generates passive income every day from virtual currencies, which, if sold at a good exchange rate, promise a high return on investment.

In order to be able to set up a master node, a certain number of coins must be stored. These coins are blocked by the network and cannot be deducted or traded on exchanges. Only when the masternode has been switched to inactive the coins can be withdrawn and sold. Thus the installation of the Masternode, apart from the personnel expenditure and the installation of a server, is not connected with any additional costs.

The Profit Potential of Masternodes

New market with high return on investment!
The market around masternodes is still relatively unknown and promises very high profits. The Return on Invest (ROI) fluctuates strongly depending on the chosen masternode.

DASH is one of the best-known representatives of its kind, offers an ROI of around 7% and is therefore far more lucrative than most conventional investments. SmartCash is also known in the cryptoscene with a ROI of approx. 37%. Another example with a high market capitalization is EtherZero. Here an ROI of 50 % is offered.

Large selection of masternodes available on the market
The market around masternodes is growing rapidly and is becoming more and more versatile. There are currently several hundred different masternode networks available that offer very different ROI - and the trend is rising. Our team of experts continuously analyses the market and makes a preselection. Only the most promising masternodes are included in the portfolio.

Our Masternode
performance in 2019
93,425% ROI

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