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The online gambling industry has experienced an incomparable boom in recent years. With Coinywin, Lions Wealth offers more than a simple entry into a more than lucrative growth market. Coinywin already has a fully programmed and operational online platform, is managed by experts with decades of professional experience and has a large loyal customer base.

Through Coinywin‘s innovative dual token concept, all investors, regardless of expertise and size of their capital, can benefit from the breathtaking growth of the future market.


The online gambling market has developed into a very lucrative one in recent years. Online gambling revenues rose by more than 260% over the ten-year period from 2006 to 2016. The high barriers to market entry are problematic here. Not only the programming of the platform itself and the calculation of quotas, but also numerous official licenses block the entry of newcomers to the market.

Coinywin was created to give everyone access to the growth market. Without any prior knowledge and even with small budgets, interested investors can participate in the breathtaking profits of the industry.

iGaming experts with professional experience Buyers of the Coinywin token benefit from leading iGaming experts with more than 30 years of industry experience. The Coinywin platform focuses on both casino games and sports betting. These sub-markets are among the most popular of recent years.

The Coinywin platform is already fully operational and actively operated. All token buyers are thus investing in an existing infrastructure that has been extensively tested and has a respectable customer base. In other words, the platform is already generating massive profits.


Coinywin allows an uncomplicated entry into lucrative future markets. The innovative dual token concept was developed to ensure the best possible investment for all token holders.

The Coinywin GOLD token in detail:

The Coinywin GOLD token contains the promise of regular bonus payments and thus guarantees a steady passive income for the token holders. The amount of the bonus payments depends on the success of the platform. With increasing profit of the platform, the payouts per GOLD token increase at the same time.

The payout takes place automatically. The token holders receive their payouts solely by holding the GOLD tokens. All bonus payments are made at regular intervals in the form of SILVER tokens.

The Coinywin SILVER token in detail:
The Coinywin SILVER token guarantees high and flexible liquidity. At the same time, the players can rely on a deposit with a very high value stability. The SILVER token has a fixed value that is based on the US dollar exchange rate. A Coinywin SILVER token is therefore always worth exactly 1 US dollar.

The SILVER tokens represent the internal currency of the Coinywin platform. They can be used for both casino games and sports betting. All winnings made by players through gambling and betting are paid out in SILVER tokens.
The SILVER tokens can be easily exchanged into common crypto currencies such as BTC or LTC and thus also into US dollars or euros at any time.

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