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Abstract – Classic Car Coin

Crisis resistance, growth, passion... All this characterizes the market for  classic cars. Hardly any other segment of the automotive industry has been able to develop as positively as this one in the past 10 years. The Classic Car Coin was created to allow everyone an uncomplicated entry into the lucrative market. Specific expertise is not required.

In contrast to most other crypto currencies, the Classic Car Coin is underpinned by a genuine, real equivalent in the form of old- and youngtimers. All profits from the project will be reinvested immediately. This increases the countervalue per token over time, which triggers a positive price development. A strong increase in the value of the tokens on the Exchange and thus the realisation of massive price gains is the aim of the project. At the same time, token holders gain access to an exclusive old- and youngtimer market as well as to exclusive services.

Future market with high growth and stability

The market for vintage and youngtimers can be described as extremely lucrative. In a ten-year comparison, according to the German Oldtimer Index, old- and youngtimers have experienced an incomparable increase in value as an investment.

Classic Car Coin removes barriers to market entry

Old and youngtimers are a very lucrative investment. Not only car enthusiasts, but also investors from all over the world have long been aware of this fact. The problem here is that the valuation, acquisition, restoration and maintenance of old and youngtimers not only require a large amount of capital, but also appropriate specialist knowledge.

The Classic Car Coin completely overcomes these hurdles for its token holders and opens up the market for everyone.

A global team of experts

The Classic Car Coin is managed by a reputable team that can provide experts from various fields. In addition to the management and specially trained technicians, the extensive network of scouts forms the backbone of the project.

Even though Central Europe is regarded as the largest market for vintage and youngtimers, the experts of the Classic Car Coins are active worldwide and continuously on the lookout for suitable investment objects. Even before the start of the ICO, numerous classic cars were acquired that could be considered as potential investments.

Advantages for the token holders

No prior knowledge required
The classic car market requires technical and economic know-how. With the Classic Car Coin, token holders can rely on the concentrated expertise of a highly specialized team of experts.

Exploiting the potential of the growth market
This segment of the automotive market is showing incomparably high growth. Numerous international studies prove the potential of this market. The Classic Car Coin opens up the potential of the crisis-proof market for everyone.

Underpinned by real countervalue
The Classic Car Coin is underpinned with a real physical equivalent and is therefore particularly stable in value. The stock of old- and youngtimers behind the token is published regularly and can be viewed by all token holders together with the official certificate.

Price gains due to rising countervalue
All profits from the Classic Car Coin project will be reinvested immediately. This makes it possible to build up an extensive fleet of classic cars that promise a great increase in value. A price increase of the token is stimulated by the rising countervalue.

Access to exclusive market
Token holders get access to a very exclusive old- and youngtimer market when purchasing the Classic Car Coins. The platform regularly offers restored collector‘s items for sale. The cars offered there can only be bought with Classic Car Coins.

Access to exclusive services
The Classic Car Coin team can count on an extensive network of service partners and specially trained technicians. All token holders have the opportunity to use services around classic cars at a reduced price.

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